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Here's a science lesson from an artist, enjoy!

Liquid crystals are a state of matter between liquid and solid. A true liquid is isotropic, meaning that its properties are uniform in all directions. Crystalline solids are anisotropic, meaning that its properties change or assume different properties in different directions. The anisotropy of liquid crystals causes them to exhibit birefringence, light that enters the crystal is broken up into rays traveling at different velocities revealing striking patterns and colors (It's really cool). Liquid crystals, like all other kinds of matter, are subject to thermal expansion. Introduce water or heat and these intermediate phases flow, move and create patterns like no other.


f this transitional period that is constantly changing, moving and developing with time.


The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) Art Truck is a mobile art gallery and exhibition space. Community building, education and engagement is their mission.


I was honored to be chosen to exhibit my work am fascinated by the connection between science and art, specifically the beautiful patterns  of liquid crystals. 'Crumbling Castles' is my way of educating the community of science through art. 

Formed from water and salt, these 4 sand castles can collapse at any moment. Illustrating the movement and formation of 

Exhibition: University of North Carolina Art Truck Exhibition, Greensboro.

Crumbling Castles Exhibition
Final 5.jpg
Final 6.jpg
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