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Web Designer,
Feb 2020
Dec 2019 -
HTML, CSS & Web Design
General Assembly
Sublime Text


In February, 2020, I completed the General Assembly HTML, CSS and Web Design certification. During this 10-week course, I learned how to code and design a responsive website using Sublime Text and GitHub. Through mentorship and practical work I learned the basics of HTML elements, attributes, semantics, ids, classes, divs, and media queries.

Project overview

'Everydays' is a four-month series of daily digital drawings; each piece of art is created from start to finish every day using the Procreate app. These artworks are hosted online in a responsive illustration portfolio which I designed and coded. Check it out here:


Designing the layout

I experimented with a couple of different page layouts, considering how the arrangement of the information will change depending on device size.

This visual provides structure and hierarchy for the webpage’s components, including its header element, footer element, main content, and other inline elements. 

Everydays layout ideas-01.png


I used Sublime Text as my source code editor, producing 867 lines of HTML and 484 lines of CSS. I learned how to code the background image to be fixed, and the redt of the parg scroll. I also learned how to add a hover overlay to my images giving the day and title.

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 12.30.34 PM.png

Responsive portfolio website

Everydays website desktop view
Everydays iPad view
Everydays iPad view
Everydays iPhone view
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