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The Original Paint Nite

Photoshop, Illustrator,
Oct 2018 - 
Mar 2019
Yaymaker logo

Yaymaker (formerly Paint Nite) is an event experience company where people across North America laugh, connect, and paint at local bars. The atmosphere is fun, upbeat, and creative.

The objective

Hosting more than 300,000 events in 1,400 cities, Paint Nite saw potential in these one-of-a-kind creative experiences. Expanding their offerings beyond painting events, it was time to rebrand.


The new brand identity should be welcoming, expressive and human. It should communicate five new experiences: Plant Nite, Innovation Lab, Design a Sign, Flower Workshop, & Candle Maker.

Photo of a Paint Nite event in White Plains
Photo of a Yaymaker event in Boston

Paint Nite is now Yaymaker

Tank Design agency were given the challenge of rebranding Paint Nite, and Yaymaker was born. The completion of this nationwide rebrand was brought in-house. 

Defining the brand

As a freelance designer I sketched, refined and delivered: 70+ illustrations, brand ID toolkit, sales sheets, event collateral, website homepage reskin, B2C email design, social assets and display ad campaigns.

Yaymaker brand overview

Yaymaker brand overview 

70+ Illustrations

Illustration is the main method of communication for the Yaymaker brand. They are simple and not-so-serious in nature, making it easy for venues and collaborators to create their own art and marketing materials for Yaymaker events.

Visual style

The illustration style consists of organically-drawn shapes, bristle brush textures and easy to understand subject matter. I created 70+ digital illustrations that appear hand-drawn to communicate craft and playfulness.

Yaymaker brand style guide

Yaymaker brand style guide

The 60 page brand style guide serves as a guide for licensed local artists to host events with consistent implementation and clear communication of the Yaymaker brand.

Yaymaker brand style guide

Yaymaker brand style guide

Printed materials

Yaymaker's sales sheets contain a header treatment with one visual (photography or illustration) and a bold headline. The photography style focuses on "in-the-moment" experiences and close-up product shots. Yaymaker's event collateral utilizes the entire color palette, with bright full-bleed backgrounds and large illustrations that connect to the content and overall message. I designed sales sheets, posters, postcards, notebooks, pins, coasters, water cups, aprons, paper plates and more.

Yaymaker marketing materials

Event coasters

A selection of durable one-sided coasters, designed and printed for Yaymaker's painting events.

Yaymaker coasters
Yaymaker water cups

Event cups

These paper cups are used to wash paint brushes at Yaymaker's events. The colorful two-sided design combines positive illustration and copy; using bold brush-stroke typeface, Rustico.

Event aprons

This was the original design for the Yaymaker apron, however, after cost consideration we chose an alternate product that didn't have a front pocket. We used the white Yaymaker logo and repositioned it higher on the apron.

Yaymaker apron

Digital materials

Paint Nite became Yaymaker in February 2019. During this transition, I produced digital marketing materials for both brands. This includes multiple offsite display ad campaigns, Facebook sponsored ads, Instagram posts, B2C emails, banners ads, and redesigning the website homepage.

Yaymaker & Paint Nite display ads
Yaymaker social ads and email design

Website homepage

I collaborated with the Creative Director and the tools team to redesign Yaymaker's website homepage, focusing on the overall hierarchy of information:

1. Brand overview

2. Top 3 experiences

3. Local events

4. Social media content

Yaymaker responsive homepage design
Yaymaker website homepage redesign
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