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Walmart Connect

Designer, Brand,
Feb 2022
June 2019 -  
InDesign, Sketch
Photoshop, Illustrator

Walmart Connect is an in-house advertising team that offers brands the ability to maximize advertising campaigns with rich data insights—based on both in-store and online data.

Walmart Connect logo

The rebrand

Create a new, differentiated brand identity that communicates an evolved mission to "connect brands more meaningfully in customers' everyday lives". Educate advertisers and suppliers of new strategic vision and offerings.

Deutsch Agency rebranded the business in January 2021, and Walmart Media Group became Walmart Connect. As a designer on the Brand team, I designed multi-channel creative assets to drive awareness of the rebrand within the marketplace.

Walmart Connect spark conception


Spark 1

Ad campaigns

Homepage redesign

Spark 2

Go-to-market materials

Case studies

Spark 3

B2B email design


Spark 4

Sales sheets

Logo design

Adweek display ad

B2B advertising campaigns

We launched two advertising campaigns in 2021. The campaigns were designed to build awareness of the company's new name, vision and brand identity. The target audience were CMO's, shopper marketers and brand decision makers.

35 static ads, 6 publishers

We developed 35 ads with a few different value propositions; displaying our key differentiators across Forbes, Adweek, AdAge, Business Insider, Digiday and Modern Retail. The campaigns included homepage takeovers, run-of-site and 100% SOV for specific site verticals.

We ran Sponsored content across LinkedIn with Carousel ads that promoted our brand story—we connect advertisers with customers at every touchpoint in their shopping journey. I simplified the UI of each visual for easier viewing on mobile.

Adweek display ad
Walmart Connect LinkedIn Carousel Ads
Forbes display ad

Visual style

The photography resonates with Walmart's core beliefs of diversity, inclusion, and authenticity. Gradient overlays are used to add depth and a pop of color against the dark blue background. The connecting lines and dots originate from the Walmart Connect logo and covey Walmart's data, reach and scale.

Walmart Connect homepage

I created a new temporary Walmart Connect homepage for desktop and mobile, building high-fidelity wireframes in Sketch. I redesigned the layout of the content, and applied our visual identity throughout. This included buttons, colors, fonts, and imagery. Design handoff to Sirius Solutions engineering team in India. Note: this project is ongoing as we continue to refine the entire website flow and content.


Walmart Connect homepage - 1
Walmart Connect homepage - 2


Walmart Connect homepage mobile - 1
Walmart Connect homepage mobile - 2

Go-to-market materials

Some of this information is highly sensitive and cannot be shared publicly. Below are a few pieces of work I can share.

Walmart Connect Product Carousel

Non-branded advertising

In summer 2021, Walmart unified its and Pickup & delivery sides of its website and app. To promote Walmart Connect's closed-loop advertising solutions across the new experience, I create non-branded product advertising examples for Sales. This ensures all B2B marketing materials do not contain any competitor branding.

Showcase our offerings

Examples include Onsite Display (POV, Expose, Left-rail, Marquee), Sponsored Products, Search Brand Amplifier, Offsite and Social. 

These go-to-market materials showcase Walmart's core products and provide a deeper dive into Targeting and Measurement across the shopper journey.

Walmart Connect Homepage POV
Walmart Connect Advertising Capabilities

Creative communications

I've designed 18 Vertical Brand case studies that summarize how Walmart Connect's omnichannel advertising solutions drive success for large and small scale businesses; promoting a strategic partnership with proven results. Other deliverables include numerous sales sheets, infographics, presentations and Salesforce Marketing Cloud email communications.

Fall infographic

FY22 Q3 Fall Infographic_101421-04.jpg
FY22 Q3 Fall Infographic_101421_Artboard 8.jpg

Mr. Clean case study

Mr. Clean case study page 2
Mr. Clean case study page 1

Logo objective

The "Walmart Connect Suite" contains a variety of products, services, and platforms—including the Advertising Help Center, employee training, and more. The objective was to conceptualize and design logos for each offering; they should feel connected yet unique enough to live on their own.

Blinded case study

Blinded WAMM case study page 2
Blinded WAMM case study page 1

Walmart Connect sales sheet and email design

Walmart Connect Email Design
Walmart Connect sales sheet
Walmart Connect Spark

Logo design

The Walmart Connect branding contains a bright blue and aqua green gradient, defined as a primary color application. I have used this striking gradient in my design approach, and focused on clean simplified icons to visually communicate each offering. I experimented with the opacity to give depth and complexity to each shape.

Walmart Control Center logo
Walmart Offsite Exchange logo
Walmart Help Center logo
Walmart AdMix Modeling logo

Logo exploration

Walmart Connect logo exploration

In June, 2019, Walmart Media Group brought its digital ad agency in-house from Triad Media, seeking to create a unified ad experience across its stores and digital properties.

Walmart Media Group Logo - Blue.png

The startup ad agency

My first collaborative project was to establish a brand identity that aligns with the Walmart Corporate brand, delivering consistency across brand voice and image. The branding should communicate the mission "Ads customers love. Partnerships brands trust".


Logo redesign

Brand style guide

Go-to-market materials

PowerPoint template


Social assets

Sales sheets

LinkedIn banners

Brand style guide

Branding overview 

Rebranding deliverables

Rebrand deliverables

Rebranding deliverables

Style guide, PowerPoint template, go-to-market

B2B advertising campaign

The goal of this paid media campaign was to expand Walmart Media Group brand awareness by targeting marketers. In March, 2020, as the pandemic hit, the campaign was paused due to sensitivity in messaging. Here is the design process:


Create 3 concepts

Present to stakeholders

Refine, build, deliver


60+ static ads

7 animated ads (GIG agency)

PSDs and JPGs


Forbes, Adweek, Smartbrief, eMarketer, 

Chief Marketer, Retail Drive

Only Walmart


Unique identifier


Proof point


160MM weekly

omnichannel visits


360-degree view

of the customer





Seasonal moments, everyday moments



I collaborated with the Creative Director, Copywriter and the Demand Generation team to conceptualize and develop 60+ offsite display ads. These were the three initial concepts: 


Walmart by the numbers

Data tells the Walmart story using statistics as massive we are.


Every, Any & All

Big, bold descriptors illustrate Walmart’s size, reach and ubiquity.


Omni is everything

Omnichannel is a buzzy marketing concept. Let's own it.

Walmart by the numbers

This chosen concept highlighted Walmart's size, customer base, and closed-loop measurement. This campaign demonstrates Walmart's mastery of data using data.

I produced 15 sketches and simple copy ads to visualize the concept.

Campaign sketches
Campaign sketches
Campaign sketches
Campaign sketches
Campaign sketches
Campaign sketches
Campaign sketches

Initial designs

Stakeholder feedback:

Low-fidelity design
Low-fidelity design
Low-fidelity design

Static ads 300x250

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.44.15 PM.png

1. For larger sized ads, incorporate photography to enhance the story of "connecting with the customer at every touchpoint"

2. Review the CTA language and button size

3. Consider solid color backgrounds; the Walmart spark should not compete with the copy

Animated ad, 300x600

1. "Advertise with us" CTA

2. Smaller ads contain solid Walmart Blue background

3. Larger sized ads use photography and non-branded product UI to communicate the story of "reaching 95% of American households, whenever they shop, and wherever they shop"

Final outcome

Paid advertising campaign

Walmart Advertising Partners

Walmart Media Group partners with selected third-party AdTech platforms to help brands scale, automate and optimize their Sponsored Products advertising. I produced external branding for this program including a logo, brand guide, and new layout of the Walmart Media Group website partner landing page.

Walmart Advertising Partners Landing Page
Walmart Media Group Print Materials

Printed materials

Supporting Sales, Product and Marketing, these designed materials maintain a cohesive look and feel. Examples include case studies, one sheets, infographics and event collateral. 

WMGU branding

Walmart's Learning and Development team, Walmart Media Group University, required branding for their training webinars, events and materials. I created 5 initial logo designs with a simplified illustration style that compliments the Walmart Corporate brand. I combined the two strongest designs to create a university emblem that signifies a badge of completion.

WMGU initial ideas

Initial badge ideas

WMGU badge clear space

Logo badge clear space

Training event collateral
Onboarding Booklets

Onboarding event materials

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